Workshop Autonomous Vehicles, Social and Ethical Acceptance – Present and Future Scenarios

PIARC – World Road Association – Italian National Committee presents an international workshop to discuss all the implications that autonomous vehicles will have under the social and ethical aspects. Special categories of citizens, reliability, acceptance under the social and psychological point of view.

Experts coming from the UK, USA, Romania, Italy  and Singapore, together with members of the Working Group Ethical, social and safety aspects of autonomous driving  will propose and discuss their experiences.

Scope of the workshop is to produce a formal report to be published by PIARC Italia and shared with other organizations participating in the workshop.

Presenting: Leonardo Annese & Arianna Lombardi with Giulia Gentili for Instant poll and Q&A

Discussant: Fabio Fossa

Technical assistance: Marco Calvo,

The workshop documents

Domenico CROCCO Introduction and salutation

Silvia BRUZZONE A Survey Platform: Knowledge and Perception
Mark CHUNG Your Car Can’t Drive Itself: Keeping Drivers Engaged & Managing Expectations About Vehicle Technologies
Stefano CRISCI Algorethics, a call for ethics in autonomous vehicles
Laura COCONEO Road infrastructure and autonomous driving: preparation and acceptance of road operators

Corneliu COTET

Autonomous vehicles and employment: An urban futures revolution or catastrophe?
John MILTON Assessing the Impacts of Automated Driving Systems (ADS) on the Future of Transportation Safety
Nick REED How can automated vehicles operate safely and ethically?
David RIOS INSUA Ethical and Operational Preferences in ADS
Brad STERTZ PAVE Partners for Automated Vehicle Education
Manuel PICARDI From dream to reality: how is the international driving licence system adapting to AV
Jessica UGUCCIONI Practical trolley problems and a

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Instant Polls and Q&A

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Speakers and Staff

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