Di seguito alcuni congressi e seminari di PIARC Internazionale, nonché eventi relativi al trasporto su strada organizzati dalle organizzazioni partner previsti per i prossimi mesi:

Febbraio 22-24, 2023 International Seminar “Bridge inspection and rehabilitation techniques”Registration form Tunis (Tunisia) Road Bridges
TC 4.2
PIARC Seminars
Marzo 6 and 9, 2023 Meeting of the Technical Committee 3.3 ” Asset Management”  (Reserved to PIARC members only) Dakar (Senegal) Road Assets Management
TC 3.3
PIARC Meetings
Marzo 7-9, 2023 Pavement international seminar – KLIPS 2023First announcement of the Seminar Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) Environment
Road Pavements
National Committees (Malaysia)
Marzo 07-09, 2023 International Seminar “Performance-based Asset Management of Land Transport Infrastructure and Services for Sustainable Development” Dakar (Senegal) Road Assets Management
TC 3.3
PIARC Seminars
Marzo 21-22, 2023 15th ASECAP Road Safety Conference Salzbourg (Austria) Road Safety International events
Aprile 17-19, 2023 Executive Committee Meeting Dehradun (India) CEXE PIARC Meetings
Aprile 19-21, 2023 International Seminar “Advances in Design, Construction and Operation of Tunnels” Dehradun (India) Road Tunnel Operations
TC 4.4
PIARC Seminars
Aprile 25-28, 2023 3rd IRF Africa Regional Congress & Exhibition Accra (Ghana) Road Network Operations International events
Aprile 26-28, 2023 10th International Symposium on Tunnel Safety and Security ISTSS Stavanger (Norway) Road Tunnel Operations International events
Maggio 03-05, 2023 International Seminar “Resilient, sustainable and safe rural roads & earth structures for a better future” Tunis (Tunisia) Rural Roads
Road Earthworks
TC 2.2 – TC 4.3
PIARC Seminars
Maggio 9-10, 2023 TRB’s International Conference on Road Weather and Winter Maintenance Washington (United States) Environment
Winter Service
International events
Maggio 12-18, 2023 WTC 2023 (World Tunnel Congress 2023) Athène (Greece) Road Tunnel Operations International events
Maggio 15-17, 2023 International Seminar “Road Mobility Projects in Urban Regions and their Impact on the Environment” Buenos Aires (Argentina) Environment
Urban Mobility
TC 2.1
PIARC Seminars
Maggio 22-24, 2023 ITS European Congress 2023 Lisbon (Portugal) Road Network Operations International events
Maggio 24-26, 2023 ITF 2023 Summit: Transport Enabling for Sustainable Development Leipzig (Germany) Environment
Road Safety
Road Network Operations
Freight Transport
PIARC will be there
31 Maggio –  02 Giugno, 2023 International Seminar “Sustainable Road Freight Transport for economic and social development” Arusha (Tanzania) Road Policies
Freight Transport
TC 1.2 – TC 2.3
PIARC Seminars
Giugno 14-17, 2023 ICTD & Pavements 2023Call for Submissions Austin (United States) Freight Transport
Road Pavements
International events
Giugno 25-29, 2023 Concrete Roads 2023 Krakow (Poland) Road Earthworks International events
Giugno 25-28, 2023 14th International Symposium on Concrete Road Krakow (Poland) Road Pavements PIARC will be there
Giugno 26-30, 2023 ISFO 2023 Vienna (Austria) Road Network Operations International events
Luglio 17-20, 2023 Bridge Engineering Institute (BEI) Conference Rome (Italy) Road Bridges International events
Luglio 23-26, 2023 TRB International Conference on Low Volume Roads Cedar Rapids (United States) Rural Roads International events
Settembre 19-20, 2023 Road Operation Symposium 2023 Karlsruhe (Germany) Road Network Operations National Committees (Germany)


Per maggiori informazioni: https://www.piarc.org/en/News-Agenda-PIARC/Calendar-Events