Technical Committee 3.1: Road safety

Road Safety committee observes a fact that ninety percent of traffic deaths occur in LMICs, and then assesses and identifies the best practice of road safety activities for LMICs. Technical Committee 3.1 “Road Safety” also explores proven countermeasures that are effective in reducing the likelihood and severity of crashes at a given location. Remarkably, “Road Safety Manual” and “Road Safety Audit Guideline” are to be updated, pursuing efforts to disseminate and encourage the application of these manuals. Technical
Committee 3.1 plays a fundamental role in providing access to well-chosen safety measures and its dissemination among LMICs.

MAY 18-20 2021

Seminar Objectives
Given the number of deaths and serious injuries in low- to middle-income countries, it is widely accepted that investment in road safety for these countries has a very high cost-benefit ratio. To this end, these countries are encouraged to put in place medium-term strategies to reduce the number of crashes, as the 2nd UN Decade of Action for Road Safety- 2021-2030.
With this in mind, this seminar aims to present the necessary recommendations to put in place effective and sound solutions and countermeasures that take into account the specificities of these countries: financial, logistical, user behavior, existing networks, strategies already in place, etc.

Who should attend?
The PIARC International Seminar on Road safety audit is intended for government agencies officials or private operators and managers responsible for the traffic and safety, for technical staff involved in designing, programming, executing, and overseeing road works, for university professors, researchers and engineering students interested in further exploring the topic of road safety and for specialists of other knowledge areas participating in road safety.

Virtual Seminar and Dates
Although the city of Tunis, Tunisia, was selected as the seminar location, the seminar was finally supposed to take place in the virtual format due to COVID-19 crisis. The seminar will take place from 18 to 20 May 2021.
Format and Languages
The seminar will consist of various thematic sessions where the topics included in the preliminary programme (see next paragraph) will be addressed. These sessions have been planned for the three days of the seminar.
Each session will include several presentations by members of Technical Committee TC3.1 as well as by Tunisian experts and experts from other countries around the world. At the end of the sessions, a round table for discussing the different topics covered in the presentations will be carried out.
Languages of the seminar will be French, English and Spanish with simultaneous translation available.

Presentazione e programma

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