ITALIAN TECHNICAL COMMITTEE 1.3 – FINANCE AND PROCUREMENT 1.3.1 Best practices in funding and financing of road infrastructure Full Report December 31, 2020


Taking into consideration past researches and proposed solutions focused on financing topics related to the design, build, operation and maintenance of road infrastructure, the main objective of this new work cycle is to define and analyze the best elements that are currently preventing alternative procurement models such as PPP from taking off. Such elements generate uncertainties that keep investors and lenders away from the road infrastructure business, with unfavorable effects on authorities, community and companies.
To reach this goal, Italian Technical Committee 1.3 includes experts from public authorities, public and private banks, road concessionaires and associations, universities, financial and legal advisors.
The team collected international bad and good practices, to then select the key elements to be analysed and improved, with particular reference to the contracting and monitoring process.
In particular, taking as main source the case studies analysed by experts of the Italian and International Technical Committees 1.3, according to the first Strategic Plan objective: 1.3.1. Best practices in funding and financing of road infrastructure, this paper investigates innovative approaches on infrastructure funding and financing with special focus on the main elements that determine the good performance of each instrument.
Each expert had the possibility to analyse any case or approach, even if not strictly related to roads, that has financial elements that can be used to finance road infrastructure.
The data base take in account 34 case studies from 20 countries.


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