International Workshop
Decarbonized and Resilient Road Infrastructure to Enhance Sustainable Mobility
PIARC Italia - Anas S.p.A. - AISCAT

PIARC World Road Association, of which the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and Anas S.p.A. (Italian national state roads and highways company part of the Ferrovie dello Stato Group) are members by right, is the oldest and most authoritative international association addressing both the design and management of road networks, and having as its objective to foster technological and cultural progress and homogenization of policies in the road field, encompassing such fundamental issues as road safety and transport decarbonization.

Founded more than a century ago, it now sees the involvement of nearly 150 countries around the World. PIARC’s work is carried out through technical committees attended by leading subject matter experts, including university professors, representatives of institutions responsible for managing road networks, public bodies and private companies.

The international workshop DECARBONIZED AND RESILIENT ROAD INFRASTRUCTURE TO ENHANCE SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY, co-organized by PIARC Italia, Anas S.p.A. and AISCAT, with the collaboration and sponsorship of PIARC World Road Association, the National Council of Engineers, the Foundation of the Order of Engineers of Rome, the Order of Engineers of the Province of Rome and the National Council of Geologists, was held on Wednesday, April 24, 2024.

The event, being an international one, was held exclusively in English (without the possibility of interpretation) and in a hybrid mode: in presence by invitation at the Vibia Sabina and Adriano Temple Hall of the Camera di Commercio of Rome, and remotely through the streaming link on this page.

The event covered two major topics of fundamental importance to policy makers and road network managers: infrastructure and transportation decarbonization and road infrastructure resilience management. The workshop featured speakers representing road administrations and government institutions from all continents (i.e., Australia, India, Japan, Uganda, the United States, Austria, and the United Kingdom), as well as national representatives from academia and the Italian highway and transportation sector.

The event was attended by top officials from Anas S.p.A., in the person of President Edoardo Valente and CEO/GD Aldo Isi (TBC), from PIARC World Road Association, in the persons of President Nazir Alli and Secretary General Patrick Malléjacq, as well as from AISCAT in the person of President Diego Cattoni and from ASECAP in the person of Secretary General Malika Seddi.

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