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Movandi demos 5G mmWave repeater tech for C-V2X

Startup Movandi completed a successful demo on Verizon’s 5G network, showcasing how its repeater technology can expand millimeter wave for …

Movandi demos 5G mmWave repeater tech for C-V2X icon

Aurora truck

 Transport Topics Online  •  28/05 02:00

Aurora Expands Autonomous Trucking Tests in Texas

 Autonomous vehicle technology developer Aurora Innovation Inc. said it …

View, Calif.-based Kodiak Robotics is operating autonomous trucks for an undisclosed freight carrier along I-45 between Houston and Dallas.

 ARCHYDE  •  28/05 00:47

General Motors is preparing an autonomous car … for the Moon

If you were amazed when you saw a Tesla Model Y equipped with a LiDAR sensor, do you say that General Motors is working on an autonomous …

a LiDAR sensor , do you say that General Motors is working on an autonomous car to travel… on the surface of the moon. In collaboration

Three AI smart city trials start in Rome

Three smart city trials in Rome are using AI-enhanced smart vision sensors from Sony to reduce traffic, optimise public transportation and …

optimise capacity and increase the use of its public transport network by implementing smart bus shelters, counting those getting on and off

Three AI smart city trials start in Rome

 Commercial Carrier Journal  •  27/05 23:32

TuSimple’s hit-and-run collision in Arizona shows value of autonomous technology

Self-drivig technology company TuSimple continues to notch off achievements while testing its autonomous trucks, but the San Diego-based …

purchasing is another possibility for fuel savings from AVs. An autonomous truck doesn’t care about which locations have driver lounges or

truck animation with self driving truck on roadway

 Robotics & Automation News  •  27/05 22:35

US government-funded project tests autonomous vehicles for lifesaving applications

A US Department of Transportation-funded project called THEA Connected Vehicle Pilot has been testing autonomous vehicles for lifesaving …

A US Department of Transportation-funded project called THEA Connected Vehicle Pilot has been testing autonomous vehicles for lifesaving  •  27/05 22:02

Tesla Scraps Radar, Ships Cars Without It

Tesla is getting rid of radar in its 2021 Model 3 and 2021 Model Y vehicles, the company said in a blog post on Tuesday, May 25, 2021. Elon …

Jumps Once Again That remains to be seen. Most car manufacturers making semi-autonomous vehicles are using radar and lidar in addition to

A red Tesla sign.  •  27/05 21:46

Micro-mobility regulation in Europe – where do we stand?

Over recent years, major European cities have been subject to the swift uptake of micro-mobility solutions, with a series of benefits being …

firms, was the Sustainable and Smart Mobility’s confirmation that a review of the Intelligent transport systems (ITS) directive would come

 GM Authority  •  27/05 21:06

U.S. Drivers Concerned Over Sharing Road With Autonomous Vehicles, Says Study

Autonomous vehicle advocates argue that the technology has the potential to offer a wide variety of benefits, from improved safety and …

fully autonomous vehicles. Per the study, the type of autonomous vehicle (semi-truck, delivery vehicles) and the driving scenario (highway/

 Wired  •  27/05 21:02

When Driving Is (Partially) Automated, People Drive More

A study finds that users of advanced driver-assistance systems drive 4,888 more miles per year than similar drivers without the feature.

from now might travel, he thinks it’s useful to study partially automated car features available now, such as Tesla’s Autopilot. Autopilot,

 Traffic Technology Today  •  27/05 20:39

Cambridge, UK, begins autonomous shuttle trial

Aurrigo’s Auto-Shuttles officially begin trials in Cambridge, UK, today. Three shuttles will take up to 10 passengers each from the …

They will also further explore how smart technology can be used to cut congestion and improve public transport, especially for shift workers

 Fleet News  •  27/05 19:53

Six takeaways from the Smart Transport Conference

Sweeping changes will be made to transport in order to address climate change, according to transport minister Rachel Maclean. “We are on …

Six takeaways from the Smart Transport Conference

 Tech Node  •  27/05 11:54

Delivery robots to come to Beijing streets

The local government of Beijing on Tuesday granted the country’s first-ever permits for commercial deployment of delivery robots to …

end of June. Context: The government is pushing automated passenger and freight transport services. Vehicle intelligence is one of the major

China delivery giant Meituan raises $10b for self-driving cars, drones - CGTN

 Design Engineering  •  27/05 08:36

Ford CEO says US needs to regulate automated driving systems

seat and no one behind the wheel. The man told the AP that his car was fully autonomous and designed so that he could ride in the back seat.  •  27/05 08:27

Kodiak Robotics To Bring Autonomous Trucking Tech to Asia

Kodiak Robotics announced it has partnered with South Korea-based SK to bring Kodiak’s autonomous truck technology to the Asia-Pacific …

it has partnered with South Korea-based SK to bring Kodiak’s autonomous truck technology to the Asia-Pacific market. Under the partnership,


 International Railway Journal  •  26/05 23:44

Skoda to develop smart LRV for Plzen’s smart mobility project

Plzen aims to be the first smart city in the Czech Republic with a living laboratory to test autonomous vehicles.

Skoda to develop smart LRV for Plzen’s smart mobility project


 MarineLink  •  26/05 20:30

‘RoboRat’ Takes to the Water for ‘Intelligent’ Autopilot Test

Robosys Automation, developers of Voyager autonomous navigation systems, built in close collaboration with Ring Powercraft, Ambex Marine …

‘ on trial in the Solent area, a trial showcasing Robosys’ latest intelligent autopilot software for commercial and recreational vessels and new Robosys Test Vessel ‘RoboRat’ built by Ring Powercraft, Itchenor, UK. Photo courtesy Robosys

 American Journal of Transportation  •  26/05 20:30

Plus completes 4,000 mile journey on the Silk Road as part of validating PlusDrive system for mass production

Plus (formerly, a global provider of self-driving truck technology, announced today the completion of a Silk Road expedition by an …

validation testing across an expansive set of scenarios was done on the automated truck.