31 Marzo 2021@11:00–12:00
Road development changes the hydrology of entire areas and alternate subsurface flows, and they often generate higher run-off flows with higher velocity. In this way, roads cause problems such as erosion, gully formation, waterlogging, and washing away of fertile soil. These issues greatly affect roads, the landscape, and the adjacent farmland. However, the negative effects can be turned into positive impacts through planting trees and other types of vegetation along road bodies. Safeguarding roads, the environment, and farmland is essential to ensuring resilient and thriving livelihoods.
During this webinar, MetaMeta will introduce the topic of roadside tree planting with a special focus on how to design such plantations and will share experiences and lessons learned of promoting and implementing roadside tree planting in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda. World Agroforestry (ICRAF) will discuss how to prepare, implement and maintain roadside tree plantations. WB-South Asia will present their experience on roadside tree planting under the SUFAL project and will discuss income generation opportunities for local communities living around roads that can be created through this activity.