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About us


Our Reports

  • ITS systems in the world (IT)
  • Regulation of autonomous driving (IT)
  • International best practices on sensors for bridge and viaduct monitoring (EN/IT)

ANAS/PIARC webinars

  • Conference “New Technologies applied to Bridge monitoring and control” (IT)
  • Workshop “Autonomous Vehicles: Social and Ethical         Aspects Present and Future Scenarios” (EN)
  • Webinar “Autonomous Driving and Smart Mobility” (IT)
  • Conference “Road Safety: Target ZERO Fatalities” (IT)
  • PIARC Seminar “The PIARC approach to road safety management: best practices and case studies in the Lombardy Region – the safety of users and structures” (IT)

Technical Committees

The activities of the PIARC Italia’s 2020-2023 strategic plan are based on the ones of PIARC World Road Association, and their Strategic Themes:

ST1. Road Administration;

ST2. Mobility;

ST3. Safety and Sustainability;

ST4. Resilient Infrastructure.

Within them, 19 Technical Committees and 1 Task Force have been set up, which generally reproduce at national level the titles and contents provided at international level.

They produce Guidelines, Recommendations and Technical Studies and are involved in the organisation of seminars and conferences on specific topics of concern.

Our Library

The PIARC Italy library aims to collect documentation relating to topics of interest to our Association.

To make the search easier, the documents have been grouped in Chapters, which are:

  • European Union

  • ITS
  • Autonomous driving
  • Road safety
  • Safer Infrastructure
  • Pavements
  • Works of art (bridges, tunnels, viaducts)
  • Technologies
  • Mobility
  • Finance and Procurement

Our publications:




PIARC Italy on Routes/Roads

The road of the future by Domenico Crocco

Autonomous driving and ANAS Smart Road – an interview with A. Broggi